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CNC Swiss Lathes in Westlake Village, CA

Turn to the professionals at R&K Machinery Central Inc. for CNC Swiss Lathes in Westlake Village, CA. We are a full service machinery dealer. Contact us for new listings and inventory, or if you don't see what you’re looking for. We can help with your needs!
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• Star SB16 2004 LNS Express 332 High-Pressure Coolant 3-Live
• Star SV20 2001 LNS Hydro Tooled
• Star SR20R 2001 LNS Express 332 High-Pressure
• Star SST16 2-Live Side Tools Gravity Barfeed
• Star JNC25 (32mm) Twin Turr, Long Part, OT, Tooling
• Star KJR25B 1996 LNS Express, Twin Turr, C-Axis, Sub,TLS
• Star RNC16 1989 Fanuc OT, Rot GD Bush
• Star SA12 (16mm) 2000 2 Live TLS, Sub, Indexing
• Star SR20R-III 2007 LNS, Live Bak Work, Low Cut HRS,
• Star SR10J 2006 LNS Hydrobar High-Pressure Coolant
• Star SB16D 2006 LNS Express 320 High-Pressure Coolant
• Star SV12 2001 Y-Axis Turr, C-Azis, 16iT Control, Live Sub
• Star SV32J 2000 LNS, 8 Sta Turr, Sub, Live TLS
• Star VNC32B 1986 LNS, Fanuc 10T, Live TLS, Sub
• Hanwha SL-32HPII 2006 Fedek Mag, Full C-Axis, Cool, Live
• Index ABC Speedline 1996 Bar Loader, Polygon, Tooling


• Citizen A20 VII (2F7) (2) 2008 LNS C320 Mags, HP Cool
• Citizen A32 VII (1M7) 2009 Edge Mag, Live Back Work, HP Cool
• Citizen B12 Gravity Barfeeds
• Citizen C16 VI (1M6) 2006 Less Than 1000 Hours, C-Axis, Conv
• Citizen E32 1993 FMB Mag, 6-Axis, Twin Turret, Live Sub,
• Citizen F10, F12, F16, F20, F25 1983-1990
• Citizen L16 VI 1990 AML Mag Loader, Live Tool, Sub, 15 Deg
• Citizen L20 VII (3M7) 1996 Bar Feed, 3 Live TLS, 15 Deg
• Citizen L20VII (5) 2001 CAV Mag, Windows, 4 Live TLS,
• Citizen L20 VIII (7M8) 2008 CAV Mag, 6 Pos GSE Blk, Live
• Citizen L32 VII (6M7) 2007 C32 Mag, Mist Coll, 8K Hrs
• Citizen M12 III 1999 Iemca Mag, Live TLS, Sub, Turret Gang,
• Citizen M20 III (1M3) 1997 Iemca Mag, Gang Turret ,Sub
• Citizen R04 VI 2002 LNS Tryton Mag, Live TLS, Pick Off

CNC Swiss Lathe in Westlake Village, CA CNC Swiss Automatic Lathes in Westlake Village, CA Full Service Machinery Dealer in Westlake Village, CA


•  Nomura NN-13TB 1999 LNS Tryton Mag, Sub, Tooling
•  Nomura NN-16BIII 1999 LNS Express, Live, Sub,C-Axis
•  Nomura NN-20BII 1998 Live TLS, Sub, Ran Oil


   •  Tornos Deco 10a 2004 LNS Mag Well Tooled
  •  Tornos Deco 20 1999 Iemca Mag, Third Whirl, Mist
  •  Tornos Deco 20/26mm 1998 1999 FMB Mag, Tooling
  •  Tornos Deco 26a (32mm) 2002 Robobar Mag
  •  Tornos ENC-162 Robobar
  •  Tornos ENC-164, 167
  •  Tornos ENC-167 1996 LNS Mag, Live TLS, Sub, TLG
  •  Tornos ENC-264 1993 Robobar Mag, Live TLS, 6 Slides
  •  Tornos Sigma 8 2006 Excellent condition low hours


  •  Tsugami BU20SY 2006 LNS Express Loaded Up Tooled
  •  Tsugami B07B II 2005 Sub, Live TLS, Rigid Tap
  •  Tsugami B012 LNS Tryton Barloader, Pickoff
  •  Tsugami BH38-SY 2008 Iemca Mag, Gang Y Axis Turrt, 
  •  Tsugami BS12B-III 2006 Off Ctr Drill, NSK 30K RPM Live or Back
  •  Tsugami BS19B III 2005 Bar LDR, Live Back Work, Tooling
  •  Tsugami BS20B II 2000 Bar Feed, Sub, Live C-Axis
  •  Tsugami BU26SY 2004 Iemca, Turret Gang, Y Axis Turr Sub
  •  Tsugami MU38SY 2004 LNS, Twin Turret Y-Axis, Live, Sub, 
  •  Tsugami NP17 1990 FMB Mag, Pickoff, Misc TLG
  •  Tsugami NP32 1993 FMB Mag, 2 Turrets, Live TLS, , Tooling
  •  Tsugami S16D 1997 Iemca, Live TLS, Sub Spdl, Fanuc, Tooling
  •  Tsugami SS32 2008 FMB Mag, HP Cool, 12 Live TLS,  Chip
  •  Tsugami SX26B 1997 Iemca Mag, Live TLS, Sub